Codelobster Joomla plug-in

Codelobster Joomla plug-in 3.1.3

Joomla plug-in for Codelobster PHP Edition helps users with...

Joomla plug-in for Codelobster PHP Edition helps users with web sites development using popular Joomla CMS and includes follow abilities: code autocomplete for variables and methods of Joomla Framework; context and dynamic help.

Codelobster PHP Edition provide all other features for rapid PHP development for free: PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript highlighting, advanced PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript autocomplete, Powerful PHP debugger, SQL autocomplete, Context and Dynamic Help and much more.

Codelobster Joomla plug-in


Codelobster Joomla plug-in 3.1.3

User reviews about Codelobster Joomla plug-in

  • codelobster

    by codelobster

    "great support for Joomla development"

    Many thanks for this product. It has great autocompletion for Joomla code indeed..   More.

  • Rustik

    by Rustik

    "Best tool for Joomla development"

    Hi. It is the best tool that i know for Joomla development. The main advantage of it is Joomla Template editor..   More.